3 Styles to Consider When Designing Your Salon

"Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten."

 - Aldo Gucci, chairman of Gucci Shops, Inc.

You're finally at the fun part of your salon opening process: the decorating! The way you decorate your salon will be the first thing many of your potential clients will notice first and use that to gauge exactly how creative you are! Your salon should be a place that inspires you and is a joy to work in every day!
It may sound daunting, but inspiration is all around you. Need help getting the creative juices flowing? No problem. We’ve suggested 3 design styles to help you decide the image your want your salon to emulate!

Industrial Chic

Industrial chic refers to an aesthetic trend that is heavily influenced by old factories and industrial spaces. Exposed bricks, pipes, and metal work help convey the industrial image. For those who rent or own space like this for their salon, this style may be the easiest to design your salon in. 

You will want to stick to brown and metallic colors, and wood colored furnishings for your styling stations and reception area.  Many spaces have room for large reception desks, and you will want to take advantage of that fact. 

Design Tips: 

Painting a dark accent wall or hanging concrete or wood-styled wallpaper. 

Adding statement lights with exposed bulbs or caged pendants. 

Kaemark Suggestions: 

Louisville Rustic Styling Station


Minimalism can be described as living with only the things you need. When considering this style for your salon, it would consist of using only a few colors and small touches to make something that is visually appealing.

Choosing stations without major embellishments and have a standard look will aid in creating a minimalist feeling in your salon. Styling stations with a lot of storage space and the ability to hide wires are perfect for a salon seeking to style this way. 

While you may stick to black, white, and beige colors for your color palette, you may want to pick out a uniquely shaped chair to add a little something extra to your salon. Kaemark American-made styling chair not only are stylish, but extremely durable and comfortable.

Showing your creativity in this way will let potential clients know that you are creative enough to style their hair!

Design Tips: 

Use clean lines and flat surfaces to make your salon pleasing to the eye. 

Let in the light and only use the thinnest curtains to brighten up your space. 

Kaemark Suggestions: 

Gleem GL-18-A American-Made Styling Station


Rustic style is a design with an emphasis placed on rugged, natural beauty. Simple, earthy colors, nature-like textures bring out an organic feeling of warmth to any space. 

One of the best things about rustic style is that imperfections only enhance the beauty of the space!

For those living in more rural communities, a rustic-styled salon may seem like a no-brainer, but this style can be a refreshing change of pace for those located in more populated areas!

Design Tips: 

Kaemark Suggestions: 

Havana Styling Station 

Feeling Inspired?

Looking to go big on designing your salon? Kaemark is here to help! 

Our equipment pros are able to help you hash out all the details and help you make your salon dreams come true!

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