8 Unique Features to a Kaemark American-Made Styling Chair

"I love the interaction with the people sitting in my chair. I love the little twinkle in their eye that said, 'Wow, I feel really good! I look great!' That was -and still is- powerful to me. It's instant gratification! ."

 - Tabatha Coffrey, Tabatha's Salon Takeover

When you purchase your American-made styling chairs from Kaemark, we build your chair to last the everyday wear and tear experienced in a salon. There’s 8 key features that separate our styling chairs from others on the market:

8 Unique Features to a Kaemark Salon Chair

  • High-density foam prevents breakdown over time
  • Reduce the likeliness of rust, our Nickel base to protect your floors
  • Vented seat and backrest to reduce odors and mildew
  • 7-ply veneer seat bucket for both strength and comfort
  • Longer life expectancy vinyl to keep your chair looking new for longer
  • 5-year pump warranty to protect your investment
  • Abrasion resistance vinyl: No significant wear after 250,000 double rubs with #10 cotton duck 

  • Commercial-grade vinyl was developed to emulate the look and feel of soft leather yet is low burnishing, non-polishing, and resistant to ultraviolet exposure. 

Did you know there are 720 configurations for one Kaemark American-made styling chair? We offer 18 stocked vinyl, 4 footrest options, and 10 base options. Your custom Kaemark chair will truly showcase your style while offering ergonomic comfort and durability. 

The investment for your American-made Kaemark styling chair will payout over time. With the typical life expectancy of 10+ years vs. 3 years for an imported chair, you can purchase online, your Kaemark chair protects your bottom line.

For additional information regarding our American-made furniture and equipment, feel free to call our customer care line at 877-523-6275.

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Kaemark American-made Salon Styling Chair
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