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At Kaemark we are constantly innovating our products and services so you can have peace of mind that while you’re providing an excellent experience for your guests, your equipment investment is protected knowing you purchased through Kaemark.

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Kaemark is the largest American-made Manufacturer of Salon Furniture and Equipment in North America

Kaemark is the largest manufacturer of American-made salon and beauty equipment in the United States. For over 50 years, we’ve gained specialized knowledge and developed experience in the beauty industry. From equipment and furniture to the layout and functionality of a salon, you’ll have peace of mind that your partnership with Kaemark will be stress-free. Let Kaemark be your one point of contact for everything from kwikship salon equipment to that custom piece you’ve been envisioning. We’ll design, build, source, deliver and install your salon equipment.

Kitchen drawers are opened about 900 times a year, but the #1 drawer in a salon is opened around 11,000 times a year. That means you need a product that not only looks great, but is built to last. At Kaemark we are constantly innovating our products and services so you can have peace of mind that while you’re providing an excellent experience for your guests, your equipment investment is protected knowing you purchased through Kaemark. Work with our ever-growing expert Design Team to develop the flow and functionality of your space.

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    Services Offered

    Kaemark A drawing of a hair salon with chairs and shelves.

    Space Planning

    Kaemark will maximize your square footage by providing a road map for your contractors and plumbers to work from. During the space planning process, you can meet with our industry-leading Design Team to discuss your vision. Using the dimensions and elements needed, we utilize the latest in design technology to create your custom floor plan and furnishings.
    Kaemark A black and white salon with chairs and mirrors.

    Kwik Ship Equipment

    These items can be manufactured in 2-8 weeks and personalized according to your choice of laminate, vinyl, and solid surface colors. Our equipment pros understand the balance between your dream salon and budgets that you adhere to. Together, you and your Pro can create an equipment package as unique as you, while keeping your bottom line in mind.
    Kaemark A hair salon with black chairs and mirrors.

    Custom Equipment

    Kaemark is committed to innovative ways of serving an ever-changing marketplace. With more focused product offerings, and precision salon furnishings that will create a great salon experience for your clients and employees. From thoughtfully building your salon furnishings to packaging them for delivery to your location, your Kaemark American-made products are touched by the hands of over 120 of our dedicated manufacturing employees. Each item coming from our central Texas manufacturing facility is made to your design and requirements.
    Kaemark A nail salon with a lot of chairs and tables.

    Sourcing Consolidation

    Over the years, Kaemark has identified partner brands that offer great service and products that we can stand by. We’re proud to support these companies and offer their products alongside ours. We consider these brands as Alliance Partners and they include: Nelson Mobilier, Gulfstream, Continuum, EcoHead and Garfield. Your Kaemark Equipment Pro is your one point of contact for not only your Kaemark equipment, but also for the equipment you purchase through our Alliance Partners. Because of these relationships with our Alliance Partners, we are able to offer a complete solution of products ranging from salon furniture and equipment to spa furniture and equipment.
    Kaemark Two men working on a wall in a room.


    We understand that every day your salon is under construction, you are losing revenue. Who better to install your salon equipment than the manufacturer? With direct access to your equipment designers and production managers, our Kaemark installation service offers you a unique personalized installation experience while minimizing your installation learning curve. Thus allowing you to open your salon faster.
    Kaemark Two trucks parked in front of a warehouse.


    We take extra care with every order and do our part to save you money, giving you the best shipping prices available. We build our own pallets and custom boxing to save space on trucks and reduce overall costs, while ensuring your products are protected during transit. Our three-part verification system confirms that all of your products are accounted for and make it on the truck. We even record video of our loading process to make sure nothing gets misplaced or overlooked.

    Award Winning Design - Gene Jaurez Case Study

    At Kaemark we are proud of the work we've completed and enjoy each partnership with our clients..

    The 46-year old Gene Juarez Salon brand needed a fresh update to attract a younger clientele without repelling the current one. That’s when Kaemark stepped in and worked with GJ Construction Manager Susie Burrows to realize the vision. Kaemark designed individually lit mirrors, customized for the salon according to their needs. The fact that the mirrors provided their own light was crucial to the salon as they were limited on energy usage in the area. The salon chairs were custom designed and built for GJ’s unique hair cutting approach.

    Alongside the styling area is a color bar featuring jewel toned chairs for clients to watch the mixing process. Separate from the styling area is the Shampoo Oasis that also serves as a decompression zone. It features a raised floor, strategic sectioning and low lighting. The salon also includes an industrial style entrance and boutique-style lobby large enough to accommodate the 1,700 weekly clients.

    Despite challenges with city officials and having one location closed, the buildout was completed in 6 months. The company spent $3.7 million to create a huge open concept idea while creating an intimate, personalized feel. Our team at Kaemark enjoyed the creative process and doing everything possible to meet the needs of our client.

    Fly & Buy with Kaemark

    We understand sometimes it may be difficult to plan out a whole trip to visit our Central Texas salon furniture showroom. In order to show our appreciation for your journey to see us, hang on to your airline ticket and we'll add a credit to your purchase.

    We're only a short one hour drive from the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. When you've had a great time visiting the showroom, have some fun in Downtown Austin at 6th street, Lake Travis, Zilker Park or have a real taste of Texas at Austin's famous barbecue restaurant Franklin's.

    We can't wait to see you soon!


    Top of the Line Materials

    With our USA-based manufacturing, Kaemark controls every aspect of construction and its material, rather than using outsourced or imported materials.

    Industrial Grade Engineered Wood

    • Fir industrial grade engineered wood reduces splitting and chipping when handling for a stronger more reliable core material.

    7-ply 5/8"

    • We use 7-ply 5/8” rather than 5-ply ½” to ensure the veneer seat bucket is 60% stronger, and the t-nuts that anchor the back and arms do not rip out.

    Thicker Foam

    • By using a thicker foam, Kaemark reduced the likeliness of “bottoming out” by using 2.5”-3.5” foam seat thickness compared to 1.5”-2”.

    Metal "L" Bracket

    • Kaemark’s metal “L” brackets reduce the likeliness of the footrest ripping out of the chair which allows for pressure to be distributed evenly.

    PVC Color Core Edge Banding

    • With the use of PVC color core edge banding, our products do not have unsightly seams and minimize chipping due to wear and tear.

    Water Resistant Engineered Wood

    • With the use of water-resistant engineered wood around shampoo bowls, sinks, and other areas that could get wet during use, Kaemark has limited the likelihood of swelling due to water.

    Aeon Laminate

    • With the use of Wilson Art scratch and scuff-resistant Aeon Laminate, our surfaces are dramatically more durable than competitive laminates. This allows our equipment surfaces to keep their good looks longer. This high-pressure laminate comprises layers of resin-treated papers, processed under high heat and pressure to create a strong, flexible decorative surface.

    Architectural Woodwork Institute Certification

    Kaemark is committed to delivering superior products and quality assurance through our certification with the Architectural Woodwork Institute.

    About AWI: AWI's Quality Certification Program gives a stamp of approval to professionals in the woodworking industry, ensuring their skills and abilities to clients. It's that edge you need to validate your work as an architect, specifier, general contractor or architectural woodworker. Clients rely on QCP professionals to deliver better design options and quality projects, relying on industry-wide knowledge and expertise.

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