Kaemark Franchise Millwork

Kaemark understands the importance of building and maintaining a brand image. We leverage our 50 years of experience with retail build-outs to provide a consistent look and feel for your first or thousandth location. Kaemark provides pre-architecture services and has an in-house conceptual design team that ensures your vision becomes a reality. Kaemark’s engineers complete the design process by programming your designs into our industry-leading millwork machinery.

Let Kaemark reduce your stress through our comprehensive Construction Project Management Team. Our installation team works efficiently with contractors to identify obstacles before they happen. Hitting construction deadlines is a top priority for any project. Kaemark has several strategic logistics partners and in-house personnel to make sure that your products arrive on time. We operate a 170,000-square-foot manufacturing facility, offering your brand unparalleled scalability.

When it comes to our franchise millwork, we create custom wood pieces that are not only stunning but long-lasting and sturdy. We don’t take shortcuts or sacrifice quality for convenience. Our engineered wood and laminate come from American forests and are eco-friendly, having been Responsible Forestry certified by SCS Global. With our Architectural Woodwork Institute certification, we’re committed to delivering superior products and quality assurance.

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    Top of the Line Materials

    You deserve a product that will last and improve your business for years to come. At Kaemark, we don’t sacrifice quality for convenience, we source the best quality materials to craft durable, long lasting and scalable products.

    Eco-Certified Engineered Wood

    • We seek out the best materials. Our engineered wood and laminate are eco-friendly, having been Responsible Forestry Certified by SCS Global.

    Water Resistant Engineered Wood

    • For when things get messy, Kaemark offers water-resistant engineered wood to protect areas around sinks and bowls from swelling due to moisture.

    Sanitary Millwork Standards

    • Kaemark's Millwork creates an impervious plastic laminate assembly that is easily cleaned and disinfected. This marine grade engineered wood (or equivalent material) with a resistant seal meets medical compliance standards.

    PVC Edge Banding

    • We use PVC edge banding to seal raw edges in several colors, textures and woodgrains. This polyvinyl chloride banding material is made from thermoplastic resin and is known to be both flexible and durable.

    Commercial-Grade Laminate

    • Thermo fused laminate: Our Thermo fused laminate is created by soaking decor paper with resin and allowing it to partially dry, and then fused with heat and pressure to a backing material. Thermo fused laminate is a durable option that offers heat, moisture, stain, and wear resistance.
    • AEON™ Scratch and Scuff-Resistant Laminate: AEON™ enhanced performance technology creates a surface that is extremely durable and resistant to all types of on-the-job wear and tear. Ranking at the top in the laminate industry, this product delivers best-in-class performance and durability.

    100lb Ball Bearings Slides

    • Kaemark designs and manufactures furnishings that are sturdy and reliable for years to come. Equip your drawers to be long-lasting and hold their weight with our 100lb ball bearing slides.

    Soft-Close Hinges

    • Cabinet door slamming not only causes extra noise but wears doors with years of use. With soft-close hinges, the hinge will automatically catch the door and close it softly no matter how quickly you swing it closed.

    Types of Franchise Projects

    Architectural Woodwork Institute Certification

    Kaemark is committed to delivering superior products and quality assurance through our certification with the Architectural Woodwork Institute.

    About AWI: AWI's Quality Certification Program gives a stamp of approval to professionals in the woodworking industry, ensuring their skills and abilities to clients. It's that edge you need to validate your work as an architect, specifier, general contractor or architectural woodworker. Clients rely on QCP professionals to deliver better design options and quality projects, relying on industry-wide knowledge and expertise.

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