Tips for Buying Salon Equipment For Your School

"Education is not preparation for life; it is life itself."

 - John Dewey,  philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer

Building a salon with any number of operators can be hard, but building a cosmetology school or barber school when you’re not an active cosmetologist or barber is extremely difficult.  Think about it, you have to search for a trusted equipment partner, design a layout that meets all the local and state requirements, plus choose equipment that is ergonomically designed specific to cosmetologist and barber needs in addition to being UPC certified.  As you can imagine, this is one of the hardest parts of the buildout  process, and can take the most out of even seasoned industry professionals. 

For those involved in the furnishing of cosmetology school or barber schools, you have an extra responsibility to ensure that future hair professionals will have the best learning environment possible. Any professional stylist and barber can tell you that equipment matters to their overall productivity and efficiency, and we are here to help guide you to smart equipment for your barber or cosmetology school!

Narrow down your options by what program your school is offering.

Without the prior knowledge of salon and barber equipment, taking in all the options of different styling chairs, stations, and other products can be a little overwhelming. You’re in luck, because not all products will fit your needs, and narrowing down your options with your Kaemark Equipment Pro is a great place to start.

If your school is a barber program, you know you will need barber chairs, barber stations and and so on and so forth. Don’t be scared by all the options especially if you’re already working with a Kaemark Equipment Pro!

HELPFUL TIP: Ask your Kaemark Equipment Pro what the difference is between our American-Made Barber Chairs and our Savvy Barber Chairs. It may make more sense for you to use one brand over the other!

Sturdy and Multipurpose Products Help Make the Most of Your Space

Whether you have been given a large or small space, professional stylists and those training to become stylists appreciate functionality in salon equipment. 

Cosmetology schools and programs offer the full gauntlet of beauty courses, meaning the equipment you purchase should be able to handle the workload.  Being able to source all of the various products from the same place with guarantees of quality will only make your job easier.

For those with limited space, Tilt Bowl Wet Stations allow you to wash and style in the same place, eliminating the need for more equipment. 

Here are some suggestions for each of the services your school may offer: 

Nailcare - Gleem GL-71 Nail Table
Pedicure - Paris Single Pedicure Bench
Skin Care - Facial Vaporizer + 186 3-Diopter Magnigying Lamp
Make-up - Tiffany All-Purpose Chair

Quality VS Aesthetics

You want equipment that will both stand the test of time and look great from day to day, taking rough treatment from the students in your program. By choosing commercial-quality equipment, you save money in the long run on replacements and repairs. 

Kaemark offers hundreds of high-quality, American-made equipment selections that come with a variety of design options. One American-Made styling chair has more than 900 design configurations.  

When you choose Kaemark or Savvy equipment, your students will learn using the same professional-grade, upscale salon equipment that is used in thousands of salons across America!

See the Equipment In Person

When you’re looking to purchase salon equipment, there are many questions you should be able to ask your equipment provider. One of them is where exactly their American-made equipment is manufactured and to see the factory.

When working with Kaemark, you are able to visit our Giddings, TX showroom and tour the manufacturing side of our facilities, as well as, meet the artisans who build your cosmetology school or barber school equipment. Being able to sit in your salon styling chair can make a real difference in your selection!

 For those not able to visit the facilities or are looking for a little bit more information on Kaemark’s process, we’ve put together a short walkthrough video of what happens when you receive a quote from Kaemark. 



More Questions?

We hope this has helped you with your search for commercial-quality salon equipment for your school.  For more information about Kaemark's options for your school, click below to schedule your in-person or virtual showroom appointment.