Ways to Make Your Salon More Eco-Friendly

“The Earth is what we all have in common.”

 - Wendell Berry, American novelist, poet, essayist and environmental activist

Creating beauty is something you excel at every day as a salon professional. Not only do you create master pieces when you cut, color, and style your client’s hair, but oftentimes give them tips in order to help them preserve that beauty for weeks to come.

Our planet much like your client’s hair, needs its beauty preserved and protected. It's now super easy to take eco-friendly and sustainable choices in both your life and at your salon.

Here are a few ways to make your salon much more eco-friendly (and save you some $$$).

Start with your Lights

Lights are a very important feature in any beauty salon. Not only do you need adequate lighting to perform your craft, but having “good lighting” is crucial for the client to see the true color of your art. Not to mention, mood lighting is important to the aesthetic of your salon.

According to energy.gov, LED lights have less of a negative environmental impact than traditional incandescent lamps and use less energy than CFLs. This means that LED lights are both more eco-friendly and longer-lasting than any other widely available light source.

By going with LED lights where you can, you’re not only conserving energy but saving yourself money! Styling stations with LED lights built-in don’t just make your client look good, but will last longer and shine brighter for years to come.

You can also make sure all lights in your salon that are not being used are turned off: I promise, there are no monsters hiding in the dark corners of your salon!

PRO TIP: Take a look at our Gleem Line with color correcting LED framed mirrors.

Don't Waste Water

Have a dripping faucet you’ve been holding off on having fixed? Don’t wait any longer to get it fixed!

Slow drips can contribute to gallons of wastewater each month, which is not only damaging to the environment but can become costly for you. Make sure you are checking all visible connections and piping for drips, and have a plumber come in for a more thorough check if there are any indications of issues. 

An additional way of conserving water includes upgrading your shampoo area with water-efficient products like the EcoHead Showerhead, a product that reduces water and energy usage by up to 65%. The Ecohead also doubles water pressure and removes sediment, rust, and sand!

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

There are some materials that you will always end up using or having in your salon like paper and plastic. Take steps to make sure that these items are being properly sorted in order to be recycled. 

Waste like hair clippings can be recycled into compostable waste, used in research, or even made into oil-absorbing mats used in humanitarian efforts. Plastic and metals can be recycled into new materials or used to create things like car parts and even excess hair color can be recycled.

With some of our products like many of Kaemark’s American-made styling stations, the task of separating trash from recycling can be made easier with compartments for storage and/ or waste disposal.

Stylists are known for being the most up-to-date with trends and there’s no better trend to follow than trying to help protect the environment. 

Look into local efforts to reduce the impact your beauty waste will have on the environment including local recycling centers or salon-specific eco-friendly programs!


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