To place an order, a 50% down payment of the total cost is required.  Payments are accepted by one of the following methods: ACH, credit card, lease, pre-authorized check, or financing agreement. Credit card payments require an additional 2.5% for processing fees. (Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express) The balance is due in full prior to arranging for shipping. Deposits are not refundable once material purchasing and production begins. Unless specified, installation is not included in the quote.  If you would like installation, check with your account manager for a quote.

Credit Card Chargebacks. A credit card charge back is treated as a breach of contract and Kaemark will pursue all remedies in law and equity including its attorneys’ fees in connection with the collection of the amount owing.

Returned Check/ACH. Purchaser is responsible for all fees associated with the returned check or ACH. Additionally, if the funds are not paid within 3 business days, the returned check or ACH will be treated as a breach of contract and Kaemark will pursue all remedies in law and equity including its attorneys’ fees in connection with the collection of the amount owing.


Tax is an estimate and may change at final invoice due to possible taxation of freight, municipal tax changes etc. Should Kaemark's calculation be incorrect, purchaser is responsible for any additional taxes or fees charged in connection with the order. Upon notification that the proper amount of tax was not charged, Kaemark will send an invoice (net 10 days) to purchaser for the additional tax money due.


Kaemark strives for the timely delivery of products. In many cases, Kaemark is dependent upon vendors and freight carriers to produce and deliver the products in good condition and in a timely manner. Kaemark is not liable for any damages, monetary or otherwise, due to production delays, freight delays, re-routing, or freight damages. All sales are FOB Giddings, TX.

Freight Charges INCLUDE lift gate, but DO NOT INCLUDE INSIDE DELIVERY. Purchaser must have the required manpower to remove the freight from the lift gate. If purchaser requests any additional services from the freight carrier at the time of delivery, Purchaser is responsible for those charges. Please contact your account manager for other delivery options and the fees associated with them.

Purchaser’s Delay in Shipping Orders not allowed to ship within 10 days of original ship date will incur additional storage charges. Should purchaser delay the shipment so that it does not ship in the current year, purchaser will be responsible for the property tax associated with the  order.

Agreement to Inspect & Report Damage All items leave Kaemark in brand new and working condition. It is possible for items to be damaged during shipping, the purchaser is required to do a detailed inspection of boxes and goods upon delivery. Any damage must be reported to your account manager immediately, but in no event later than 48 hours. Use the packing slip as a reference. All damages or the appearance of damage on the packaging must be noted on the delivery driver's paperwork prior to signing for the order. Replacement goods cannot be ordered without notation of damages on the shipping documents. Take pictures of the damages, including the packaging and product so that your claim can be processed. NMFC regulations allow only 4 days to report concealed damage to the carrier, so you must report any damage promptly. Failure to timely report damage, may result in additional fees to purchaser for replacement and freight costs.  Kaemark is not responsible for any damages not reported to the account manager within 48 hours of delivery.  If purchaser uses their own carrier then purchaser is responsible for all risks, freight insurance, reporting to the carrier, etc.


Warranty Returns- If the warranty applies (see warranty section) only defective parts will be replaced. Labor costs are not covered. All defective merchandise must be returned to Kaemark to receive warranty credit. All freight costs on warranty issues that occur (and Kaemark notified) within 30 days of delivery will be the responsibility of Kaemark in both directions. After 30 days of delivery, the purchaser is responsible for the freight to return the defective products to Kaemark for the remainder of the first year. After the first year, purchaser is responsible for all freight (both to and from). Warranty applies only to original purchaser and is not transferable. Pictures may be required as evidence of the defective part. Should purchaser have to return an item or component that is still under warranty, Kaemark will send a Call Tag with an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) reference number. Purchaser must reference the RMA reference number on the outside of the box prior to returning.  The items must be received back to Kaemark within 45 days of the receipt of the RMA to receive credit.  No credit will be issued after 45 days.  To ensure timely return of defective parts, in some cases, Kaemark must charge before sending out a replacement part, and once the defective part is returned, purchaser will be refunded the original charge.

Non-Warranty Product Returns- Non warranty products must be returned within 30 days of delivery. Kaemark must receive the product in un-used and new condition and in its original packaging. Purchaser is responsible for freight.  A 3% transaction fee and a 20% restocking fee will be charged for all returns.  This amount will be deducted from the refund.  An RMA Number is REQUIRED for all returns. Before shipping the product , contact Kaemark at 979-542-3651. to receive your RMA number. Please note that Custom and Non-Stock items are not returnable and not refundable.

Exchange.  If an exchange is requested due to purchaser’s mistake, purchaser is responsible for all freight charges. Prior shipping the new product, purchaser is required to pay for the exchanged item.  Upon Kaemark’s receipt of the returned item in new condition, purchaser will be refunded the amount paid for the replacement. Restocking fees may apply. Please note that Custom and Non-Stock items are not returnable and not refundable.

If purchaser requests an exchange of equipment due to Kaemark’s mistake, Kaemark will pay for the freight charges associated with the return. Purchaser is still required to pay for the new equipment. Once Kaemark receives the returned product in new condition the payment will be refunded.

Non-Stock Orders are Non-Returnable/ Non-Refundable.  Non-Stock goods are defined as goods not stored in the Kaemark distribution center. Non-Stock goods are not returnable and nonrefundable.


The typical timeline to manufacture custom goods is 8 to 12 weeks upon order receipt.  This timeline is an estimate because many factors outside of Kaemark’s control may affect the timeline.

Upon placing an order, purchaser acknowledges and represents that all line drawings, dimensions, color selections, laminates etc.…have been reviewed and approved. 

Special Order Items or Custom Goods cannot be changed or canceled after 5 business days.

Changes to orders “in-process” may incur additional charges.

Deposits are non-refundable once material purchasing and production have begun.


Kaemark’s Warranty for its products is limited to the original purchaser and to the remedies of repair or replacement (no Labor) constitute the exclusive remedies available under this Warranty. All other remedies or recourse which might otherwise be available are hereby waived by the Purchaser. Purchaser understands that no cash refunds will be made and Kaemark and its Resellers are not responsible for any labor costs associated with replacement.

Kaemark and its Resellers will have no further obligations or liability for damages arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of the product, including, without limitation, damages for personal injury and/or economic losses. In NO event shall Kaemark and its Resellers be liable for consequential or incidental damages resulting from the breach of any implied or express warranties. Any applicable implied warranties including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are hereby limited in duration to the warranty periods for the product.

The warranty shall not come into effect and Kaemark will have no obligations under this warranty, unless and until Kaemark and its Resellers are PAID in FULL for the products to be warranted hereunder.  Once full payment is received the warranty period begins to run from the date of shipment from Kaemark’s warehouse (FOB Giddings)

All Savvy products have a limited warranty for a period of one year except for the hydraulic pumps which have a two-year limited warranty.

All Kaemark products are warranted for a period of one year except for the following:

Warranty Exclusions. Kaemark’s warranty obligations shall not apply to defects caused by ordinary wear and tear, insufficient maintenance or improper operation or use. This warranty does not extend to any products: (a) that have been subject to misuse, neglect, abuse, improper storage, accident (other than an accident caused by the product itself), or that have not been properly maintained; (b) that weight restrictions have not been adhered to (c) that have been modified by any Third Party; (d) that have been disassembled, serviced, or reassembled by any Third Party, (e) that are improperly plumbed or installed, [plumbing or electrical work must be performed by licensed professionals or warranty is voided] (f).  that have damage caused by discoloration, fading, staining of vinyl or laminates, and (g) that have damage caused by accident, fire, lightning, acts of God or other hazards outside of Kaemark’s control.

Staining of equipment is not covered under warranties and is considered normal wear and tear. The use of permanent hair color in salons creates the possibility of permanent stains. Stains can be reduced by the immediate cleaning of contacted materials but are not warranted when they do happen. Please keep this in mind when making your vinyl choices. See Kaemark’s Care of Products https://kaemark.com/pages/warranty-care


Products Not Manufactured by Kaemark (excluding Savvy Products).  Kaemark and its Resellers are not responsible nor make any representations concerning products that are NOT manufactured by Kaemark.  Purchaser must look to the manufacture of the product for any warranty on the product.

PRODUCT CARE AND RESTRICTIONS -Purchaser acknowledges reviewing the Product care restrictions.  (Please note that improper care and preventative maintenance of your products may void any warranty.) https://kaemark.com/pages/warranty-care

Care and Restrictions are outlined below:

Weight Restriction for Kaemark U.S. Made Chairs: Static Weight capacity 300 lbs. for dryer, shampoo, and styling chairs.  NOTE: Make sure that the chair is in the lowest position for the customer to initial sit and to get out of the chair. Stylist may consider assisting client out of the chair to avoid client pushing outward on the arm rests

Weight Restriction for Kaemark Import/Savvy Chairs/Other Manufacturers: Static Weight capacity 250 lbs. for dryer, shampoo, and styling chairs.  NOTE: Make sure that the chair is in the lowest position for the customer to initial sit and to get out of the chair. Stylist may consider assisting client out of the chair to avoid client pushing outward on the arm rests.

New Chair: Before putting hydraulic unit into service, pump unit all the way up and let it all the way down 8-10 times to ensure the shaft and seals inside have been properly lubricated. Occasionally hydraulic bases are in storage for a few months causing the oil from the pump shaft settle down into the pump. Pumping it up and down several times will re-lubricate the shaft and seals

Continuing Preventative Maintenance & Care



Laminate Surfaces/Cabinetry

Shampoo Bowls